Know How to Find and Harvest Digital Demand

Digital media management has become increasingly complicated as consumers becoming more empowered and fluidly transition from device to device. Traditional media dollars continue to migrate to digital channels as more and more media is sold through programmatic models.

  • Mobile traffic now exceeds Desktop traffic for many clients.
  • Consumers now visit over 15 websites before booking their leisure travel.
  • Last-click measurement is morphing to a world of multi-touch revenue attribution.
  • Fixed price media is yielding to dynamic, auction-based models.
  • Silo-ed media tracking giving way to holistic, single ad stack, measurement and optimization.
  • Manual media optimization has moved to automated, algorithmic rules based optimization.
  • Self-funding media models are replacing fixed media budgeting.
  • "Earned media" (social WOM, viral, user reviews) has arrived. 

How does one keep up with this pace of change and which strategy is right for you? DMW provides full-service digital media solutions from search to display to social. We focus on direct-response digital media.  Leveraging the latest technology and our 12 years of experience, DMW has become more sophisticated in integrating for various forms of digital media, understanding how each affects the other, and measuring and optimizing across the diverse landscape of online media.

It's All About Data....Yes, Big Data.

We analyze and leverage data every moment at DMW Agency.  We evaluate new data technology and tools to help us drive even more efficiency and profit for our clients.  Look to DMW for strategic advice on how best to maximize your profits through all forms of digital distribution. Contact us to learn more.